Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Official Launch of

Yesterday, I attended an event quite happening as it was attended by all the public and private universities in Kuching. Of course, not all the students are attending, only the selected one. I really don't know if it's an honour to be able to attend such event. Honestly, I'd rather stay at home.

Taib Mahmud arriving in his Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow.

The event was held in Pullman Hotel, Colosseum I and the hall was full. The event started with a speech by some guy then by the Chief Minister of Sarawak himself. I did a recording of the speech by him, thought of uploading it here to share with all the youth. But his speech is so long that it lasted 30 minutes and I don't think a lot of people wanna' listen to him except if you're feeling too bore at the moment?

Anyways, the whole thing is to encourage us to register ourselves at It's a platform where we can voice out our ideas and thoughts for the development of Kuching and also as a social network platform where ideas can be shared and more. I believe they also update the news and events that are happening in Kuching. 

With Kareem (left) and Phillip (right)
The event lasted for more than 4 hours but I left earlier because I had something else to do. I think the coolest thing about that event is that I think I'll be on TV or the newspaper. Didn't check the news and paper today. If you happen to see my face, do let me know. :)

The other cool thing about this event is that I get to witness the power of those flashing cameras working at its best. It's like some super cool thing to look at and I even had a video about it. It's at the previous post.

Free magazine for each of us.

Lastly, I get to make myself to look like a clown.

Do check out the site though. Register yourself if you wanna' get involve.

Until then...

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