Monday, 10 June 2013

5/7 490 Pips Harvest.

Last Friday, we were not supposed to trade as there was a reason for it. However, I took a short, aiming just 490 pips and I got it. There was a potential of 3000+ pips. Anyways, always feeling grateful. Looking forward to the following weeks ahead..

Thank You.

Friday, 7 June 2013

6/7 Mixed Feeling

Today is a very interesting day. Something out of the ordinary happened today and I learnt my lesson I would say. First of all, I entered a trade in late noon. I took a short and it bounced the support and I was a thousand plus pips negative. I was out, bringing Milkie out to vet and I did not see the chart until about 5. I took a hit of 1300 pips, it was horrible. 

Then, I took a long not long after (believe me, I wasn't doing revenge trade). I took a resistance break (doing forward-test, not official srdc technique) while waiting for a A300 break. Damn! It's as if the price is playing mind games with me and it went down for another few hundred pips, but I held onto my trades and waited and waited and waited. While playing games, I tp-ed at about 12 AM. 

Today, I experienced confusion in ambuyat gap. Besides that, I feel that I have to get my psychology straight as I felt that I was too hasty entering trades. If it wasn't because of hastiness, I wouldn't have got that negative 1300 in the first place. Anyways, I think I'm gonna' send Adeline & Marcus a journal to solve the confusion in my head regarding the ambuyat gap.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

6/5 Forward Test

Hello peeeps, I just got back from KL last Saturday and it was quite a journey. The review session in KL was totally worth it. It is eye opening, very motivating and inspiring. Lately, a lot of trader's journal are up online, I read a few and it keeps you motivated as you don't wanna be left behind not trading where as everyone else is making progress. This activity rocks as I feel the momentum to check the chart everyday the first thing I wake up in the morning. (P/S: I did not do that before all these while)

I learnt a lot from Marcus from the previous review session. I believe he gave a lot of hints regarding A300e, which is a very powerful setup which is not officially released yet. I'm really eager for the setup and looking forward for it as looking from those journals, the entries are totally unpredictable and it can easily harvest 500 pips everyday. Omigosh!

Anyways, from what I learnt from the previous review session, the curiosity within me of course made me wanna' figure out how A300e works. I mean, it's not easy and I'm not a genius but I wanna' keep observing the movement of the market before learning that new setup. However, I did enter a trade today base on using the ambuyat gap as take profit. Anyways, I'm forward testing what I had been observing and I won't wanna' risk anything on my live account before learning the real thing.

Here's my entry of the day.

Be grateful always.. There will always be more. :)

Looking forward to each and every day. <3