Monday, 19 November 2012

Types of Dog Owners, regarding the issue "Spay & Neuter"

There are a lot of types of dog owners in this world as there are different kind of human in this world. Some are unexposed and uneducated to the facts, some are denying the facts and some are plain stupid about the reality.

Anyways, today I will unveil a few types of dog owners that go against "spay and neuter" because I've ran across enough to blog about it.

1. I got a male dog, so it's none of my business.

First and foremost, it's the typical owner who only wants to adopt/buy male dogs. The reason is simple, because their dogs have a stick sticking out from their stomach and two balls hanging between their legs. It's funny because that's the only difference I can see yet they are so hyped up about not getting a bitch (female dog). Tell me, why??

Actually, it's not about the stick or the balls. It's because of what the dogs can do with their stick and balls. First, they grow up and become naughtier, they only wanted to chew your slippers, now they want to find girlfriend. Then they start to sneak out of the house and rape some stray dogs, or even neighbour's dogs. What happens next? The female dogs get pregnant, and they say "It's none of my business, (still add hahaa)." 

Really? I call that irresponsible dog owner, irresponsible neighbour and irresponsible citizen.

2. Why need to neuter? Very expensive leh.. I don't let my dog go out of my house can liao ma...

Another popular excuse that most people use. If money is an issue, you shouldn't even consider getting a pet in the first place. Lets just say you really very caring and good-hearted; want to help those stray puppies.. Spaying and neutering really are the best thing you can do for your dogs out of their 10+ years of life. Spend less on their food & toys, do the beneficiary thing first.

Secondly, I must say that it is quite impossible that your dog wouldn't get out of your house. Except if you chain it up, lock it up or hide it in your house. Even if you manage to do that, imagine that your dog grows up and starts to have the desire to mate. What happens when they don't get the chance? Wouldn't it be better to just spay/neuter them? They are much happier that way.

3. Animals have right to mate as well! Imagine if I cut your balls, would you like it?

Aduhmak... Come on la... Is it the same thing? Do you eat your dog kibbles? Do you pee in the street and smell my ass when you see me? It's different okay? I certainly don't remember it's illegal to neuter/spay your dog. You think your dogs love to mate? Really? You want your dog to sneak out of your house to find a boyfriend/girlfriend to mate? You think they like it or they need it? 

I'll tell you what. My girl has 3 female dogs (bitch), named Cookie, Milkie and Butter. Both Cookie and Milkie are spayed and Butter will be spayed when she's old enough to. You think they are unhappy because they can't find boyfriends to mate? 

You think they come to us and complain, "Why?! Why you cut away my thing (sorry, I'm bad with the terms), now that I can't have puppies. I hate you humans." You think that's what they think?

In fact, they are so happy with their lives, and they can forever live like our babies. You benefit from all these, especially when you can avoid the sagging ugly nipples when they are pregnant. Trust me, it's very unpleasant to the eyes.. As for male dogs, they stop spraying their urine all over your house. Fair enough?

4. My religion say cannot

Honestly, I won't touch on that. But I do have an auntie who's a Buddhist, very religious. Yet her dogs are all properly spayed, just like that. I believe it's because that she understand the importance of it and she thinks for the society. I'm sure your God will understand. ; )

5. The pros in re-homing

They claim that, "Stray puppies? I have re-homed more than 5 puppies (wahhhh, 5 only?). I don't see the need to neuter/spay them. If they produces offsprings, I can re-home them like I did before."

If you are really that good, please go volunteer at the SSPCA shelter or during their adoption campaign. They need you more than anything else. Another thing is that, it's not about you! Remember, not about you! So what if you can re-home them? Why don't you bother to re-home the dogs in the streets. Or you say it's none of your business because they are not bred by you? 

What about the new adopters that adopted your dog? Are they good at it too? Even so, how many more can you re-home? You a specialist in this field? Doing sales from house to house? Except if you say you afford to keep all the offsprings after offsprings after offsprings after offsprings, etc etc. If not, please stop the nonsense.

Lastly, the idea of us asking you to spay/neuter your pet is not for the benefit of us, its for you and your animals. Most importantly, it's for the society.

If you still do not know why you should spay or neuter your pet. Please, do your research and start thinking about it. Thank you. :)

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