Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dailycandle has moved!

Hey guys, you probably is thinking that this blog is dead isn't it. In fact, I've blogged even more ever since I was introduced to tumblr. It's more user friendly and I'm totally in love with that platform.
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Monday, 3 March 2014

March #1 Trade at Work. = Win

Hey guys, haven't update for a while because of laziness. Today is a special case because I'm at work now (welcome to the work force, they say) and I got nothing to do yet in my office. That is why, I'm checking my chart and going for an entry of a A300 trade. Lately, trading did not progress as expected. I am learning a lot in trading, always observing the chart and doing a lot a lot a lot of backtest and I feel that I understand a bit more and more as time goes by which I'm grateful for.

Talking about the trade I took today, we're not suppose to take today's trade for some reason, but I'm gonna' state down the reason I took this trade in my trading journal. Hopefully it will be a valid trade because I really don't wanna' waste more time from advancing myself to learn A300E, which is a more enhanced level of A300.

I entered that trade not long after I reached my office. Saw the entry quite late, but no problem since it never hit the intended target of 300 pips. By using Ambuyat level to predict the movement, it's definitely more than 300 pips target. However, all I wanna' do is to get my wins. 300 pips, no problem. TP-ed in 5 hours after my lunch break.

Kenyang kenyang.. Trust the system #srdcworldwide, & get your wins.

P/S : I'm gonna' slowly update the trades I took that I did not update in this blog.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

December Wrap Up

Hey guys, I haven't been updating for a while. Last month, there was 7 A300 trades and 6 of them are winning trades and only a losing trade. That's some impressive statistics huh?

Anyways, I took 2 trades but only one of them is a valid one. In fact, I'm still going for my 20 wins. ;)

Trade 3 (690 Pips)

I entered a A300 trade on the 12 December 2013 and I felt that it's a good catch. 

Trade 4 (190 Pips - Not Valid)

I entered another trade based on A300 on the 19 December 2013. I remember that day I was helping out at my dad at work. I was monitoring my trade on my mobile phone, without a proper desktop or laptop. Anyways,  I entered a trade when I saw the activation of A300 using my mobile phone and only managed to check the trade after I got home about an hour after I entered the trade. 

Once I look at the monitor of my laptop, I realized that it wasn't a valid entry. However, I was going out for a movie with friends. So I had to close the trade and I took a profit of 190 pips as I know I wouldn't be able to monitor the trade and I didn't want to ruin my night in the theatre. Anyways, it would have hit my TP target but I learnt a lot from this trade. I never feel so good exiting a trade in order to secure my own trades. I felt that my psychology improved a lot and like what Marcus said, there's always another day.

This time going for my 20 wins for A300 Setup, I really take my time and enter carefully. My aim is not to just get the wins, but I really wanna' get it right. Not only that I wanna' have a lot of greens in my statement, but what I really wanna' see is the growth of my trading account. Remember that I was at -60% on November? By the time December ends, I I was at -40%. Although it's still a negative, I'm sure it's gonna' go positive really soon.

Until next time, I'll update really soon. Wishing you all a happy holiday in advance. :)