Tuesday, 21 January 2014

December Wrap Up

Hey guys, I haven't been updating for a while. Last month, there was 7 A300 trades and 6 of them are winning trades and only a losing trade. That's some impressive statistics huh?

Anyways, I took 2 trades but only one of them is a valid one. In fact, I'm still going for my 20 wins. ;)

Trade 3 (690 Pips)

I entered a A300 trade on the 12 December 2013 and I felt that it's a good catch. 

Trade 4 (190 Pips - Not Valid)

I entered another trade based on A300 on the 19 December 2013. I remember that day I was helping out at my dad at work. I was monitoring my trade on my mobile phone, without a proper desktop or laptop. Anyways,  I entered a trade when I saw the activation of A300 using my mobile phone and only managed to check the trade after I got home about an hour after I entered the trade. 

Once I look at the monitor of my laptop, I realized that it wasn't a valid entry. However, I was going out for a movie with friends. So I had to close the trade and I took a profit of 190 pips as I know I wouldn't be able to monitor the trade and I didn't want to ruin my night in the theatre. Anyways, it would have hit my TP target but I learnt a lot from this trade. I never feel so good exiting a trade in order to secure my own trades. I felt that my psychology improved a lot and like what Marcus said, there's always another day.

This time going for my 20 wins for A300 Setup, I really take my time and enter carefully. My aim is not to just get the wins, but I really wanna' get it right. Not only that I wanna' have a lot of greens in my statement, but what I really wanna' see is the growth of my trading account. Remember that I was at -60% on November? By the time December ends, I I was at -40%. Although it's still a negative, I'm sure it's gonna' go positive really soon.

Until next time, I'll update really soon. Wishing you all a happy holiday in advance. :)