Thursday, 4 October 2012

I'm human, not gee-o-dee

Haven't got the time to update recently. A lot of things happened. Things that changed the way on how I see things and people. I think it's a good thing on the brighter side because I get to improve myself on this area.

First of all, I'm not an evil person. I'm not born into this world to hurt people's feeling. If I did, certainly that wasn't an intention. I don't steal, I don't kill and I'm just a normal person living a normal life. Some people may find me annoying, some people may find me being an ass. 

I can't control about how people feel towards me, and I never expect myself to please everyone in my life. Human have flaws and weaknesses and we have to accept that. Sure it doesn't feel good, but what can I do? Even Justin Bieber has haters, what more can I expect?

I certainly don't like myself to be hated by people, but it does happen when I did something wrong, made fun of people or try to trash talk to people. Stuffs like that do happen, but I won't know that I'm hurting anybody if people don't tell me. I certainly don't wanna' hurt people. Why would I, right? I'm not evil after all. 

I can only apologize to the people I've made fun of, hurt, or causing them to feel uneasy on my behavior/actions/etc. I sincerely do wanna' apologize for misbehaving and my actions. 

But I don't like being accused of being a mean guy before you ever confronted me. If you come up to me and tell me that I was being too harsh on the types of word that I use for example, sure I get the chance to correct myself and apologize. But if you just keep it in your mind and ASSUMED that I'm that mean and evil man? 

It just feels so sad as it feels like you've never been sincere to me in my whole life. We've been going out for tea, going out for games, going out for balls and talked about stuffs that happened throughout our life and deep inside your heart, I'm just another mean person that you dislike at times. 

Trust is like a piece of glass, once broken, you don't really know if you can perfectly put them back into pieces. That's something I feel right now. Can I still trust you people? Are you being sincere towards me?

I easily get angry all the time, I get frustrated, I love, I hate, I feel sad, I like, I dislike and the lists goes on. There's always positive and negative. Right and wrong as I'm only a human with flaws, I'm not perfect.

If you feel that you can only remember the negative side of me, what's more for me to do?

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  1. agree with you,trust is like a piece of glass and can't put all back together once broken.. after all of this,I learned not to trust people easily anymore..not even close friend..haiz,cheers,you re a good ppl to me :D

  2. Aww.. How lovely of you. Thanks, I appreciate it.