Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Final Year

Some introduction if you haven't know...

I'm pursuing my BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at Limkokwing Institute. So what is Graphic Design? It's actually really simple to understand, Graphic Design is actually all around your life and you didn't realize that it is produced by Graphic Designers. 

For example...

1. The logo of your favourite brands, Nike, Adidas, Apple, McDonalds and many more.

2. The CD/DVD Cover of your favourite singers/movies.

3. The movie posters you see in the cinema.

4. The banners, signage, signboard, your favourite keropok packaging is all done by us.

For instance, can you imagine what's it is like when somebody mention Secret Recipe and Mita Cake House? Do you think that Secret Recipe just happen to look good in a way? No way, it is because its identity is designed by Graphic Designers.

So please, appreciate the work that we do in this community. :)

A lot of people are asking me what Graphic Designers do. Sometimes, I really don't know how to react. 

Anyways, for this Semester, I got 5 modules in my final year. It's crazy and we got to deal with it.

1. Graphic Futures - Major 
Design Stuffs, about ourselves.

2. Research Project - Major
Thesis, period.

3. Introduction to Image Media - Minor
Image manipulation, corporate image.

4. Motion Graphic - Minor
Graphics that moves.

5. Communication Theory - Minor

A lot of stuffs to do, not much time left. Good luck to me. :)


  1. wow, i guess thts gonna be a high-paying job once you enter the workforce? hehe