Monday, 8 October 2012

Haircut Diary

Decided to get myself a haircut before my hair goes out of order. I used to to go to the one in Crown Square, I really like my hair done by Alan. He'd never failed me and it's fun visiting him because he got lots of joke to share around. However, it's really far away from my house so I was thinking of trying some other barber/salon in town.

But, I really do recommend trying the one in Crown Square, 1st floor, near the toilet area. It's really great, do try it out if you don't have a preferred hair-stylist in mind. I strongly recommend to go there and check it out for yourself.

This time around, I had visited a barber shop near my place. It's located somewhere behind Boulevard Mall, it's really just a small business but I decided to give it a try.

Before my haircut, my hair sure looked like a mess.

In the shop, it's really just a small corner. I'm not sure of the business over there. My hair was done by an auntie. I told her that I wanted to get my hair done like...

That. Just kidding.

In the end, I look something like that. Overall I'm okay satisfied with it. What more can I ask for, it only cost me RM 8 for that service. I thought it was definitely worth it. I'm pretty sure that it'll be my budget barber shop in near future.

Sorry, I didn't get the name of the barber shop. Will update after I get it. :)

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