Wednesday, 26 September 2012

About Me

I think it's time to write something about me.

Hello everybody, my name is Mikhael. Yeap, it's true that it's a name given by myself and not by my parents. I like the name 'Michael' is because a lot of awesome people I know of uses that name too, such as Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Michael Jackson, Michael Schumacher, Michael Kors, Michael Scolfield, and the lists goes on.

However, I changed the letter 'C' to the letter 'K' because I wanted it to look more special. I didn't really care how it is spelled. As long it's pronounced the same, then I'm fine with it.

I'm currently pursuing my Degree in Graphic Design. I currently am studying in a private institution in my hometown here in Kuching, but I'm going through a British Degree by Anglia Ruskin University. So meaning to say that I'll get a British Certificate once I graduated. Kinda cool right?

One of my assignment - SSPCA
The above attachment is one of the assignments I did and topic was SSPCA. I'll elaborate about that hopefully someday in near future.
My passion in Graphic Design was developed when I was sixteen, I was still in high school and I already started playing with photoshop. I started designing banners, avatars and signatures for forum. It was more of a game-related design. Now, it's kinda' obvious to me that I love to design for myself, and not for commercial usage. I'll explain about that someday in the future in my blog. I'm pretty sure and confident to say that I'm not gonna' work as a Graphic Designer in the future, but I'll probably gonna' put my skills into my business, as a hobby or it will be just merely a skill I possess.

Photo Credit: Lesism.Blogspot

Going through college to me is really just another process of life and I strongly believe that, education is overrated. I believe in other knowledges that will bring me somewhere in the future rather than just become another employee working a 9 to 5 job. It's a long story going through that kind of thought process, the people I have met for the past few months and how these events had changed my life.

My hobbies consists of playing basketball, bodybuilding and shopping. I know it's kinda' weird for a man to say that his hobby is shopping, but I really do enjoy shopping. The feeling when buying new stuffs feels good, that's a little crazy but I haven't really experience the feeling of shopping like mad. Another thing, I hate window shopping though. Except if I were surveying for goods. Of course, I enjoy cooking and eating the food I cooked as well.

I love dogs, I am a dog person. I love how dogs can be so connected to human beings. I love the process of raising up a dog from its puppyhood. I love training dogs, and I love to know what I am doing. I try to figure out the right way to handle a dog and it's another knowledge for me. When I do something, I love to do it right. It's normal to have failures in the process, but it's the effort and determination that matters. It's okay to fail, as it's better than not trying. Oh by the way, my favourite dog breed is the German Shepherd.

I wanna' travel to cool places. I dream of traveling to the States someday. I enjoy viewing cool skyscrapers, I enjoy watching the views and sceneries from great destinations, I enjoy watching porn and I enjoy experiencing big cities like New York, Miami and Dubai. In fact, my plan is to visit Dubai before the age of 30 and I'd love to spend some time over there enjoying the superb lifestyle of the rich people. Dubai is definitely a place like no other.

A book that I bought to understand more about dog training.
I'm a type of guy that is curious to find things out, if it happens to bother me. I'll try to get the answers no matter what. I'm also the type of guy that believes in myself and I really believe I can achieve something great if I really want it badly. It's all about how badly you want it.

There are also a few inspirational figure and public figure that I idolize that I wanna' share with you all. These are the people that I listen to and watch to  all the time.

Music Industry: Taiwanese Star, Jay Chou.

Singer, director, actor, producer and the list goes on. I listen to his songs since I was in primary school, and I'm still listening to them. I can't really list my favourite songs here as I love almost all of his songs. Almost..

Movie Industry: Will Smith, and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Will Smith is another huge movie star. I watched most of his films such as iRobot, Men in Black, Hitch, Pursuit of Happyness, and etcetera. Definitely a cool guy.

Former football star, former WWE Superstar and currently an actor. Enjoyed his film, definitely a great guy with cool personality. He got the looks, the charisma, the kind of energy and character. Don't be fooled by his looks and act from wrestling, he's a friendly and nice guy. My number one favourite of all time.

Basketball: Michael Jordan, and LeBron James.

I'm a basketball fan. I've gone though the documentaries of this basketball legend, Michael Jordan. He's almost achieved everything in the world of basketball that a NBA player can dream of. In the world of basketball, who else to love besides him?

The current superstar and the face of the NBA. Love his dominance on the court and his unique ability and physique. Love his kicks.

Bodybuilding: The Rock Johnson, and Andrew Vu.

"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come." - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Another cool guy. He's from the states, I watch him on youtube. Great personality. His success in bodybuilding is very inspiring and motivational for me. Follow him @ Facebook or Youtube. Just search for his name if you're interested in finding out the process of him winning trophies.

Other figures: Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Jobs and Cesar Millan.

The best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. His quotes are always meaningful and motivational. Which category do you wanna' fall into? Rich or Poor? Find out what he have to tell you from his books and videos.

I'm a believer in Cesar's way. I have been practicing his techniques and values about dog training/dog psychology and I'm impressed with these small little details that we usually overlooked. He's the truly, one and only, Dog Whisperer.

Steve Jobs. The guy whom reinvented the phone, computers and revolutionize modern technology. Changed the way we listen to music, changed the way we utilize our computers. He's truly an amazing guy and I enjoyed every one of his speech during WWDC. He's a genius.

I am who I am today because I let myself inspire by wonderful people. I can't be neither one of them, but I think I can become a better person because of all these great people.

Words can't really describe who I am, that's all I can think of writing at the moment.

by Mike,

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