Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Maybank, Staff of the Month

So I was at the bank last year with my friend, helping him doing some procedures. While waiting at the queue, we encountered this really eye catchy thing.

Seriously!? An umbrella? A portrait? On a table out of no where in the middle of the bank? With yellowish clothes? 

What's that?! 

At a closer look, you can't seriously be kidding me...

No way! A staff of the month from the bank. Displayed there as if something happened to him.

If you know what I mean...

What are they thinking...


  1. Whoa, the first pic really looks like the 'thing', man. Can imagine the candles and some oranges or apples stacked up in a plate in front of the photo..haha..what a photo man. Anyway, I think in that place, nobody will be very eager to become employee of the month, might as well just slack off.. =)