Thursday, 13 September 2012

Introducing Cookie

Image take from Facebook, the day we met Cookie.

Cookie and I, sorry for that weird looking face.

Cookie is a dog that my girl and I adopted from SSPCA a year ago. It all happened around July 2011 and it was one of the greatest decisions we have ever made. I wanted a dog badly but Cookie stayed with my girl all these while because I couldn't adopt one due to family matters.

Cookie, Puppy.

German Shepherd Puppy, kinda' look like Cookie right?

The reason why Cookie caught our attention is because I always had a thing for German Shepherd Dog. I find that GSDs are dumb in a way although they are known for guarding and police dogs. Somehow, Cookie kinda' looked like a German Shepherd Puppy when we adopted her. However, she's nothing like a GSD except for her black muzzle and coat colour. 

There's also a lot of fate involved. Cookie was a dog that SSPCA decided to put-to-sleep during that period of time because she had skin disease and the shelter was limited in space. Also, there was an auntie lady whom was a committee, that I'd like to thank as she helped us with the recommendation of treatment for Cookie's skin infection and adoption procedure. Without her, Cookie might be in heaven already..

Cookie meeting up with her sister, Sofy.

Lately, we've also heard of another auntie lady whom we become friends; who's a owner of Cookie's sister (Sofy), wanted to adopt Cookie in the first place but she was minutes too late as we'd brought her home. Lots of fate involved? I do think so..

When I could still carry her, she has doubled up now.

Cookie and I at February 2012.

Personality wise, she's lazy, stubborn and dumb. But all these made her super special and funny because of her dumb behaviors. She's a cute thing to watch and play with, although sometimes I might get headaches because of her. She loves to eat and I don't think she has a favourite food as she seems to put almost everything into her stomach. She's the first dog I know of to eat fruits and vegetables such as bitter gourd, cucumber, papaya, and many many more that you guys never think of.

Nom Nom Nom...

More Nom Nom..

She's a great dog and I wanna stress that you don't need to get a pure breed to be great. Adoption is always a choice. Words can't really describe that stupid yet lovely dog, so I'm thinking of showing you guys a video of her.

She's just too cute, isn't she?