Friday, 14 September 2012

Introducing Milkie

Puppy Milkie.
Milkie was adopted by my girl (Lilian) somewhere in late 2011. Cookie needed a companion so she provided one. I didn't really accept Milkie at the first place because Lilian didn't discuss about this matter before adopting her. It was a surprise for me and I thought it was too hasty for decisions like that.

My girl (Lilian) and Milkie.
A Portrait of Milkie.
Truth to be told. there was no love for her when she was still a puppy because I wasn't ready for another commitment. Also, I didn't really spend a lot of time with her when she was a puppy as she was always separated from Cookie in the day (I mostly make my visits in the day)

But eventually, I accepted her and she became one of my sweethearts as well. Lucky that my girl did not give up raising her up without my support and love. It's a regret for me to not have go through a happy and memorable puppyhood with Milkie. But it's never too late to admit I was wrong, and I love her as much as I love cookie ever since. 

She looks more like a dame (bitch) compared to Cookie (Oh yea, both Cookie and Milkie are bitches, my cute and sexy bitches). She doesn't makes a lot of noises when she's drinking and she really takes her time to eat her meal. Really really slow, just like her master

Personality wise, she's more independent and she really obey instructions. Sometimes, it may be tough for her to understand new instructions at first. But when she does get what I want her to do, she will not likely to disobey it. We like to think her as a soldier because sometimes she really looks like one. How I wish there's an army uniform for her to put on. 

She can really run!
She's also more active compared to Cookie, good stamina, fast runner, friendly towards people, caring towards smaller puppies and an absolutely great companion!

A trip with me to the vet, her nightmare.

She's also more healthy compared to Cookie, she barely got sick therefore the vet is a place that she hates really much. I would say visiting there for her is her worst nightmare.
A walk with me at the park, along with Cookie.

Here's a video of Milkie, hope you guys enjoy...

Ohhh... By the way, here's another video of Cookie & Milkie together at the park...

Lovely, aren't they?

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