Friday, 7 June 2013

6/7 Mixed Feeling

Today is a very interesting day. Something out of the ordinary happened today and I learnt my lesson I would say. First of all, I entered a trade in late noon. I took a short and it bounced the support and I was a thousand plus pips negative. I was out, bringing Milkie out to vet and I did not see the chart until about 5. I took a hit of 1300 pips, it was horrible. 

Then, I took a long not long after (believe me, I wasn't doing revenge trade). I took a resistance break (doing forward-test, not official srdc technique) while waiting for a A300 break. Damn! It's as if the price is playing mind games with me and it went down for another few hundred pips, but I held onto my trades and waited and waited and waited. While playing games, I tp-ed at about 12 AM. 

Today, I experienced confusion in ambuyat gap. Besides that, I feel that I have to get my psychology straight as I felt that I was too hasty entering trades. If it wasn't because of hastiness, I wouldn't have got that negative 1300 in the first place. Anyways, I think I'm gonna' send Adeline & Marcus a journal to solve the confusion in my head regarding the ambuyat gap.